Batts Athletic

Batts Membership

Greetings Athletes

BATTS Athletic is excited to announce membership exclusively for  Burlington.
We have tailored the membership for the benefit of our athletes with our motto I.e Fusion of fit and fun
Membership of BATTS Athletic Burlington includes

@ $200.00 per month

   * * court fee of $15.00 per hr/ athlete
(max of 4 athletes per court)
    * court fee $5.00 per hr/ athlete
(max of 5 athletes per court)

Join us @ BATTS Athletics Burlington for multiple benefits which include
◦ Unlimited access to fitness and racket sports activities

Be a part of BATTS Athletics.

Terms and conditions apply
Only walk-ins are allowed for membership in regard to tennis and badminton


Monthly $60 + Tax

Table Tennis

Monthly $75 + Tax

Squash + Fitness

$75 + Tax

Table Tennis + Fitness

$90 + Tax


$35 + Tax

Fitness Day Pass

$10 + Tax

Squash Drop – Ins

$15 + Tax